Explore Features of SeQure

Check for medical conditions
Screen your visitors, the preliminary screening help find symptoms like fever and dry cough which are common among patients with a viral infection. Identify potential carriers and SeQure your premise from getting contaminated.
Medical check
Contactless - QR code based check-in
Our contactless check-in solution gives you an additional set of safety precautionaries to fight the spread of contagious diseases.
Verified visitor details
Capture photo along with other verified visitor details to keep your office fully secure
Visitor Management Solution
Visitor Management System Requirement
Facial recognition for visitors
Your visitors can check-in instantly without filling lengthy forms with first of its kind facial recognition feature
Sign NDA & legal documents
Allow the user to enter the premise after signing customised non-disclosure agreements, and legal documents
See what the visitor is carrying along
Gather the details like serial number, quantity etc. of things the visitor carries while entering your premise
Self Sign Out
Self Check-out
Keep track of who leaves your office in real time and set reminders to sign out on behalf of your visitor in case of emergency
Instant Alerts & Notifications
Instant Alerts & Notifications
Instantly push alert messages to host for a simple effective two - way communication
Emergency Notifications
Emergency Notifications
Be prepared for evacuation and safety drills with a roll-call view of who is on-site and instant alert notifications
Digital Signatures
Digital Signatures
Obtain electronic signatures on waivers, NDA’s, safety briefs and other forms without having to store a single paper

Administration & Customizations

Integrated Dashboard
A one stop portal to manage your visitor experience, unlock insights and monitor your visitor information in real time

Additional Features

Unlimited Visitors & Devices

Welcome all of your visitors & remember them for faster check-in

Customizable Interface for your Brand

Impress your visitors & give the first right impression with your logo & your brand theme

Visitors’ Information Capture

Capture name, company name, email, photo, purpose of visit, devices carried and more

Document Sign - NDA & Waivers

Option to make visitors sign legal documents digitally with the touch of their finger


Keep track of all your signed agreements in one place

Centralized Management

Keep track of all visitors’ information in the dashboard

Multiple Locations

Manage all of your office locations from one place

Employee Portal & Scheduling

Log into SeQure web portal to schedule meetings

Employee Directory

View company employee directory & contact information

Export Data

Export your data in Excel or CSV formats

Notify Hosts

Notify your employees/hosts of a visit by email, SMS or instant message


Register your guests in advance and share the list with your security desk

Quick Sign

Faster sign-in for returning visitors via email or phone number

Self Check-Out

Keep track of who leaves your office in real time and set reminders to sign out on behalf of your visitor in case of emergency

Forward To Assistant

Your executive team can forward notifications to their assistant

Reports & Analytics

View and filter your visitor logs and get insights to optimise the time your employees spending on meetings

Face Check-in for visitors

Your visitors can check-in in an instant without filling lengthy forms with first of its kind facial recognition feature

QR Code Based Check-In

Stay Secured with Safe Distancing, Scan from a distance while the QR codes do the magic.

Pandemic Proof Feature

Capture visitor's body temperature at the check-in kiosk. Make sure your visitor is not a carrier.

Data Security
With Sequre all your employee and visitor data is encrypted and stored safely in the cloud. Sequre is compliant with GDPR and other major data compliance norms
Easily access visitor data
Sequre accurately captures visitor data, so say goodbye to illegible scribbles. View analytics and export robust visitor logs with just one click, so it's a breeze to export audit and compliance reports.
Keep it in the cloud
With Sequre modern sign-in solution, all you need is an iPad. Since there’s no old school hardware or on-premise kiosks, Sequre is easy to deploy for any office, from any computer.