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Why Does the Manufacturing Industry Need a Visitor Management System?

The global supply chain is heavily dependent on the manufacturing industry. The smooth functioning of manufacturing operations is pivotal to the growth of other allied businesses and services. A sector that witnesses constant human interaction and intervention at multiple stages demands a visitor management system to ensure safety, security, and compliance. 

Why does your company need a visitor management system?

Diligent supervision is a necessity in manufacturing industries, as the COVID 19 pandemic has taught us. Well into normalcy or life before the pandemic, a visitor management software for manufacturing industries has still proven to be a crucial requirement.

Your organization could benefit from a visitor management system that creates a solid framework for the front desk or the lobby of the company. The front desk creates an impression that could retain your clients and even boost your reputation. It is also responsible for handling multiple visitor logs in an already busy environment. 

What functionalities of a visitor management system will boost the productivity of your manufacturing company? 

Visitor Management System Workflow

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The post-COVID era has highlighted the importance of contactless business operations. A visitor management system eliminates human interaction at the check-in stage which was incomprehensible nearly two years ago. It has become a key highlight of the software given that it reduces bottlenecks at the reception areas. Check-in takes place through a web page or an app and guests can log their arrival at your reception area. Further, there is no need for a local computer or even a traditional logbook. 

Print Visitor ID Badges 

Printed visitor ID badges are a significant benefit of visitor management systems for manufacturing industries. Security concerns such as forged ID cards are no longer an issue with this feature. Print a visitor ID as your guest checks in. Information such as photo and guest details can be printed out instantly. The visitor management system can also specify the host’s name and the expiration of the badge, preventing overuse. This feature significantly improves the security on your premises and helps clearly identify outsiders. 

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Contract Management

The manufacturing industry deals with multiple contractors on a daily basis. They often have scheduled visits to the premises. The entry and exit of contractors can be monitored without additional human resources with the help of a visitor management system. With daily work permits that can be generated with multiple approvals from managing authorities, an otherwise meticulous task can be simplified using a visitor management software. 

Host Notification 

With a traditional logbook or a local computer, the host of the manufacturing company is often unaware when the visitor drops by. With a visitor management system, the host receives a notification informing them of the visitor’s arrival and they can proceed to meet them. Further, details such as the self-declaration form, NDA, details of the visitor, and the COVID vaccination certificate can also be viewed by the host. 

Sign NDAs 

If your company requires guests to sign a form or an agreement upon entering, a visitor management system might just be the answer to simplify that process too. The software allows you to digitally sign non-disclosure agreements, safety protocols, and company regulations. This information is stored on the cloud on a centralized digital platform, resulting in a faster process and better compliance. 

Increased security

A visitor management system ensures confidentiality of data. Visitors can access their own information and cannot view the details of other guests at the reception desk. After the registration process, all the data is quickly and securely stored in the database. 

To sum it up, an intuitive visitor management system such as SeQure is a worthy investment that smoothens the check-in process. It automates a bunch of manual tasks and reduces the pressures on your human resources to the point where they can focus on other business operations. The contactless feature is a new way of functioning that is here to stay. SeQure’s centralized cloud storage ensures safe, compliant and much like its name, is a secure choice for your visitor management needs.

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