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Office Seat Management Software | Ultimate Seat Plan Guide

With offices adopting new tools and platforms to give an unparalleled experience to the workforce, Office seat management software has its fair share of influence on supporting the idea. Get your employees the benefit of working in an environment where their choices matter with a proper office desk booking solution onboard.

Office spaces are evolving just like the employees. Why tie the employees under strict boundaries and confine their talents in fixed seats? An office seat management solution is a great step to providing employees real freedom and autonomy in their workspace.

What exactly is Office Seat Management Software?

Addressing the woes of desk booking problems, flexible workplace management software has taken a leap with the introduction of hybrid work culture. In definition, the office seat management software enables the employees to choose or reserve their preferred seat/desk within a facility in advance. This idea is targeted to build an intuitive workplace experience that allows employees to occupy the seat they like and work the way they want; all aimed to genuinely empower the employees.

Digital desk reservation systems can render the managers true control of the office space and how the space is being utilised for various purposes. Such software comes in-built with a facility to develop an intuitive and accurate floor map of the facility. The employees can view this map and pinpoint the exact desk they need through the desktop or mobile version and choose it with a simple click. The program provides companies with an extra edge over the management of workstations and maintain a record of the occupancy rates of users.

When do you need Office Seat Management Software?

When there is employee conflict

Everyone has their own preferred workstations, a workstation that keeps their productivity at the highest. A reserved space where they can think, communicate and focus with clarity. There are hardly any offices that have experienced employee conflicts over seating issues. Even if the employees have never expressed their discomfort openly, they are always vouching for a flexible workspace. No one likes to be bound to a certain chair and space for years. It adversely impacts the employee’s ability to perform at their best.

When organisations see an increase in conflicts over desks and seats, office seat management software is the right solution for reserving seats in advance. This way the offices are opening their seats and spaces to all the employees equally. So, the employees are given a fair chance to select and choose the desks beforehand, leaving no space for conflicts or unpleasant conversations over the issue of desk occupancy.

When there is a loss in productivity

Employees form the backbone of any organisation. Un convenient situations can result in under-performance and when they remain unhappy over a long duration, their productivity and value inherently decrease. Therefore, employee happiness and well-being are treated as numero uno priority for even the giant companies with endless workforces.

The working environment and the workstation have been proven to play a major part in employee satisfaction and well-being. With an online desk booking platform, the employee can control their own space quite easily without having to talk to endless tiers of management for something as simple as a desk change. It is also seen that employees perform better when they work in a comfortable space, near their co-workers, leveraging technology and other important elements of a facility; all of which can be regulated by using the online seat booking software.

When there is monotony in the workspace

According to a report, good office space and design can make employees 33% happier at work. Also, the employees being unhappy or dissatisfied with their workplace is a whopping 85%. These stats are testimony to the fact that office spaces are still in need of immense improvements and the workers’ woes need to be addressed by most organisations.

Workspace management programs can break the monotonous routine of work schedules in any office. 


By giving employees the freedom to explore office space or switching between workstations. This ensures that employees are able to witness an interactive work environment and can go about exploring different zones. Some employees may need a quieter place while some prefer to be seated amongst their co-workers for quick communication. Whatever be the choice, employees can easily get their hands on a suitable seat every time.

When the office space is being underutilised

Many offices have faced the problem of workers resorting to be seated in fixed desks, leaving the other areas of the workstations unutilised. Apart from desks, conference rooms and meeting rooms are also seen empty while the colleagues decide to sit in a café to discuss the next strategy. This usually occurs because the employees assume that the meeting room might not be free or the AV room might be utilised by other teams even though that is not the case.

The office seat management software addresses this issue pretty well by showing real-time updates of the utilised rooms and desks. This enables the teams to select meeting rooms and other areas for different time slots from any place, at any time. The approval or rejection status is also very prompt, giving employees a clear view of the available rooms and conference halls for enhanced efficiency in work.

When there is a hybrid workforce

The recent emergence of the hybrid workforce has paved the way for the introduction of various new facility management technologies and tools in the workplace. The hybrid workplace brings in remote as well as on-site employees together and there is a dire need to do something about desk occupancy when such a workforce is at play. With 68% of employees believing this to be a perfect work model, the hybrid workforce is only going to increase in the upcoming decades.

When offices support hybrid work culture, office seat management software can prove to be a blissful way to deal with flexible workforce management. The remote employees can choose their desks beforehand and come to offices without having to go looking for seat floor to floor. The concept of fixed desks is eradicated, so whether the employee is remote or on-site, all of them get an equal opportunity to choose the seats they would like to work in whenever they visit the office. This also ensures that the workforce is regulated and the number of employees present at the offices is never outrun by the number of seats available.

When the world is facing a pandemic

The world is still wallowing in the aftermaths of the pandemic. The reopening of offices has not been normal, coming with multiple protocols and government guidelines to follow at workplaces. This has made businesses pretty cautious in whatever work they are doing while being at the office premises.

Companies need smart workplace optimization applications when they are re-opening their companies because this opportunity can not only provide a safer reservation option but also allow the managers and higher authorities to keep strict supervision on the workstations. The employers can, without any hassle or being physically present in the facility, view whether or not the Covid-19 protocols are being followed and social distance is maintained by the employees. They can even go the extra edge and approve only the status of seats booked far apart or go with an odd-even seating arrangement. This can improve the safety and health of the entire staff and management members.

What you miss when you don’t have Office Seat Management Software

Many executives are not convinced about the endless benefits the office seat management software offers. But are you aware of the things that you are missing at the facility when you don’t have one deployed?

Optimised Facility

Who likes to see their meeting and conference rooms locked at all times while the colleagues and teams are setting up meetings outside the office for discussions? It is not only a waste of money spent in building such lavish and equipped halls but also reduces the productivity of the working staff. Without any overlooking solution, the offices lose control over the space management and when all employees show up in a day, the seats may not be enough to accommodate all. This way organisations miss the opportunity of creating an optimised space for employees.

Collaborative culture

An office is a place for collaboration and whatever options or tools are helping you enhance communication and build a collaborative culture, you should not hesitate to adopt it. The employees are, after all, humans and companies cannot expect the employees to work tirelessly, without any collaboration like robots. When the concept of fixed places is eliminated, the workers get to change positions and interact and collaborate with different colleagues. This not only facilitates workplace friendships but also builds trust among co-workers leading to develop a sense of belonging to their workplace. This way all employees have a chance to meet up with colleagues/ staff, which might otherwise not be possible due to the hectic nature of work schedules.

Reduce real-estate costs

When the offices don’t deploy smart desk booking solutions, they are introduced to higher real-estate costs due to the increased space/ employee utilization ratio. Without smart technologies, offices would have to invest in desks equal to the number of staff because the management has no control over the seating capacity. Such workplaces will always have empty desks and the space is never going to be utilised to its maximum potential. Also, the manager may find difficulty in identifying unutilised spaces because of irregular data and no real-time status of the spaces used over a specific time period. Such situations never occur when proper office seat management software is being used within the facility.

Interactive workplace ecosystem

An office seat management software is useful to make the whole process more intuitive and fun for employees as well as the regulatory managers. Any employee would prefer surfing through an app and book the seat for the next day, rather than calling a supervisor to do the same thing every day. Also, no manager has to go through the tedious process of going through data sheets and excel files to track the status of seats and meeting rooms whenever a team comes knocking on the door for booking desks/conference rooms. Such solutions are not just bringing productivity to a workplace but also transforming the space into a modern workplace. So, offices without it are surely going to stay engrossed in the archaic and tedious ways of doing the same job.

Bonus: workstation safety

A desk booking solution can certainly prepare your office for any challenge coming your way, even if it is another pandemic. When you don’t have such software in place, you will always end up having people or staff oversee the smooth running of desk reservations and workstation bookings. This way your staff may feel burdened and may get distracted from the real tasks and operations while being engaged with such supervisions. Apart from this, without a proper desk booking platform, the working teams and employees may end up cluttering to one spot leading to chaos and disrupting the safety protocols of any premise.

End Thoughts:

Workplaces need modern solutions, especially with the changing workforce. The need to constantly stay ahead of the game is unending and with such systems in place, the organisations can improve the workplace experience for the current employees as well as the seekers looking for a change.

Whether your facility manager is capable of manually handling the full seating of the office premise? Are your employees getting the benefits of flexible working space? Do you have the right data to plan your next real estate costs and budget? The answers to these questions are enough for any organisation to come to the right decision when it comes to investing in office seat management software. One thing is for sure that your workplace is surely going to look and feel modern with all the facilities that come with such smart solutions, lending your space a premium workplace culture.

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