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Office Desk Booking Software | Seat Reservation Simplified

Offices across the globe are witnessing a major shift in their work culture. Most companies are trying to incorporate the term “flexible” in every aspect for earning employee’s satisfaction and loyalty. While at it, why not start with a desk booking software allowing them to select their desks and working environment at their convenience?

What is Office Desk Booking Software?

In order to meet the expectations of the hybrid workforce, the workplace needs to be transformed too. Office Desk booking software is a system that allows your employees to view a virtual floor plan and reserve their seats beforehand. The employees can easily search through the floor maps and desk directory, book their preferred desks at any given time slot using this software via smartphones or tablets or other screens.

 Simply put, Office Desk Booking Software is an easy-to-use mobile application that brings in flexibility and effortless productivity to any workplace by empowering employees as well as the employers by strategically optimising the workplace, without an ounce of drop in work-life experience.

Does your Office Change with Office Desk Booking Software?

Here is a quick view at the aspects that change with desk booking solutions:

Desk Booking and Space Utilisation

Just as hybrid workforce has emerged as a crucial component of most organisations in the last five years, space utilisation has become all the more important for facility managers. Going by the reports, most offices have almost 40-50% of desks empty or unused at any given point of time. This shows that space utilised by the employees is neither monitored nor maintained.

With desk booking software, the employees have the benefit of using the space provided with more efficiency than before, as they can quickly grab a seat as it becomes available. For employers, this software can vastly aid space utility and rule out unnecessary real-estate costs at the same time.

Desk Booking and Time Management

When the companies invest in office desk booking solutions, they are also investing in time management. The reason being that the workforce can directly begin their work as soon as they reach their workplace without having to juggle between floors, finding an appropriate seat. They can simply check availability of the desks, reserve their preferred workstation, and based on the approval can easily find the booked workstation.

Also, the productivity span for the employees is usually three hours every day. With such a short working span, saving even 10 minutes of their time matters!

Flexible Desk Booking 

Ten years back, workers seated in cubicles from 9-5 was the norm but the workplace culture in the past few years is more lenient and designed to deliver the best experience to employees. The workers are not bound to their desks all the time and remote working seems to be the new buzz word. When flexibility is at its peak, the idea of fixed desks seems too obsolete.

Companies can switch up the flexibility level by incorporating tiny yet impactful solutions such as office desk booking software which are bound to give the hybrid workforce scalability and satisfaction for unmatched productivity.

Planned Desk Booking 

Statistically speaking, 40% of employees waste up to 30 minutes every day merely searching for a meeting space. Most of the conference rooms and meeting rooms are vacant most of the time because of two reasons:

  • The employees who booked, had a last-minute change in plans but forgot to inform the authorities.
  • The usual lack of availability stops the fellow employees to search for other meeting places instead.

This not only attenuates the productivity of the workforce but also adds to poor space usage and unnecessary real-estate cost.

With a proper space booking system in place, employees can view the available time-slots for such rooms and spaces in no time and can book one without much hassle. This ensures that the scheduled meetings are conducted without fail and every team has a fair share of access to the office space at all times.

Desk Booking and Smooth Management

The great feature of office desk booking is that it gives a real-time report on the desks and spaces being occupied by the company employees. This allows the facility managers to understand employee behaviour and allows for smooth management of spaces. With easy booking, every employee has a fair chance of booking their favourite spot from any place. Such a systematic approach ensures that there is a systematic seat booking process in place and they can focus completely on their work.

The concept of desk booking allows companies to maintain cleaning protocols as well as provide the basic service features like multi-screens, advanced IT options etc. so the desks are being utilised properly.

Desk Booking and Safety

The pandemic has caused a stir in businesses worldwide and has broken the traditional working culture of most companies. With remote- working emerging as the top priority for companies in these uncertain times, the return of employees back to their desks is going to be difficult. The government guidelines post COVID-19 have paved the way for companies to adopt technologies and practical solutions that ensure proper safety and social distancing requirements.

Among the top concerns while returning to offices post Covid, health and safety concerns account for 40%, giving companies the top challenge they need to tackle as they prepare their offices for resuming work. With desk booking software, offices can safely tackle this and seat their employees, at a safe distance, through a robust application.

This ease of reservation and booking will certainly be of great help for organisations to maintain the health of the workforce amidst the ongoing crisis.

Key Takeaway

Software like the office desk management/desk booking may seem like a fancy idea but is truly way more lucrative for companies worldwide. It is a necessity for companies that are looking to create a serious revolution in the way their employees work and more importantly, the way they treat their workforce for an unprecedented growth.

Investing in such technologies is certainly a big step towards creating a smart, reliable workplace that is ever-adapting and on-par with emerging trends.

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