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Internal Helpdesk Software – Must Have Components for Faster Ticket Resolution

In the current day & age, just like customers, employees also tend to expect a lot from the companies they’re working for. There’s no denying that a respectable company employee will always rate ‘quick problem resolution’ as one of the significant factors in separating a good employee experience from a bad one. Therefore, your company not only has to deliver the best customer experience but also create a similar experience for your employees. 

That’s why, to meet the demands of your company employees, in this fast-moving market, organization support teams have to implement the best possible ticket resolution system, so that they can provide excellent & consistent support services all year round. Thus, it’s the duty of the service agents to constantly respond, prioritize and follow-up on every employee support ticket raised, which will help in enhancing the overall employee experience for the company. 

With that being said, we are going to share some essential must-have components that every internal help desk software should possess, especially for quicker ticket resolution for employees. 

What Do You Mean By A Ticket Management System?

A ticket management system can be defined as a piece of software that helps in creating, updating, and reporting issues, for the organization. The issues can be either customer-related or employee-related, but in this blog post, we’ll only be focusing on the employee-related internal ticket resolution system. 

An efficient employee support ticketing software system will provide the following set of benefits:

  • Streamlining of the workflow.
  • Improves communication between employees and the company.
  • Improves the productivity of the employees and keeps them happy.
  • Leads to higher employee retention within the organization.

The Must-Have Components Of A Proper Internal Helpdesk Software For Faster Ticket Resolution

  • Simplistic UI/UX

The user interface of software tends to be a key component in dictating the overall user experience. It’s essential for the helpdesk software to have a clean UI so that not only employees can easily interact with the same, but also the support teams, including the HR and IT teams. 

Having a complex software UI will highly affect the overall usability because then the company will have to spend additional time & investment in training the support staff so that they can get quickly acquainted with the same. 

That’s why the organization should always ensure that the user experience of the software is seamless – be it when used by the employees for raising tickets or the support staff for solving those issues. 

When less time is involved in knowing the functionalities of the software, you can expect ticket resolution processing times to get lowered as a result. 

  • Management Of Support Staff

If you want your company support staff to work at their full potential, then you have to provide them with the task that they’re accustomed to doing. It should be realized that each of your support staff will come with a specific skill-set. Therefore, it makes sense to only assign them the privileges & roles that fit each staff accordingly, so that they manage only their areas of expertise. 

Opting for such a procedure will provide you with the advantage that no employee support ticket will be assigned to the wrong support staff. As a result, there will be no loss of precious productive time as well as energy in solving irrelevant queries by irrelevant support staff. 

Thus, if you want your support tickets to be resolved faster, the helpdesk software must support the proper management of your support staff in an efficient manner. 

  • Ability To Segregate Issues

When it comes to employee issues, it’s quite difficult to predict the types. Not every employee will face the same problems, which is why you need to be sure that you segregate the types or kinds of employee issues that are being raised. For example, employee issues can range from various admin to technology-related services.

That’s why internal helpdesk software should have avenues to create ideal and relevant categories for all the support tickets submitted. In that way, each ticket will be categorized for the relevant support staff to solve or address. 

Better support ticket organization will lead to less time being wasted on searching tickets so that they can be assigned to the correct support staff. For instance, you don’t have to search for admin support tickets to be forwarded or assigned to the support team specifically created to solve admin service-related queries. 

  • Ability To Coagulate Similar Queries Together & Automate

There can be situations where your internal support team will be bombarded with the same employee requests ten times a week. If the support team spends their precious time answering similar queries over and over again, it will lead to a loss of precious time & productivity. 

Therefore, the helpdesk software should have the ability to create common answer templates especially for those questions that are very frequently asked by your organization’s employees. Not only that, the templates must be stored in such a manner that when a similar query will be raised, the reply can be sent at just the click of a mouse button. 

Moreover, based on certain conditions, your support staff should also have the ability (in the helpdesk software) to automate repetitive tasks and ultimately save time. 

  • Time Tracking Capability

Time management is extremely important in any successful organization. The helpdesk software should have the ability to track time because it can be a useful performance metric for a variety of different reasons. 

Firstly, you’ll be able to measure the amount of time taken by your support staff to answer each ticket being raised. Secondly, in case your staff is taking time longer than expected to solve certain queries, the same data can be then utilized to renew their training especially in those particular areas so that they can improve upon their responding capabilities and thus take less time to solve the same. 

What’s The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Internal Helpdesk Software ? 

Internal Helpdesk SoftwareArtificial Intelligence (AI) along with Machine Learning (ML) has become one of the most significant markets in the IT industry. Every day, AI is allowing us to bring substantial changes within our realm of technology, which is why help desk software shouldn’t be any stranger when there is a massive headroom for improvement. 

So, if you’re the owner of an organization and have already implemented help desk software for your internal employees, then you must be wondering about the impact of AI & ML on the future of your help desk software. Well, the following are some of the significant reasons how AI can assist in improving your internal helpdesk software experience:

  • Better Employee Engagement

Since your employees will be receiving faster resolutions to their queries via AI features such as chatbots, you can expect your employees to be happier.

  • Better Support Productivity

Automating a complex & time-consuming help desk service for your employees will allow the queries to be solved with very minimal effort, leading to better efficiency in the long-run. 

  • Better Scalability

It’s much easier to scale AI compared to a regular support workforce. You can quickly scale up or down your AI-powered internal helpdesk service based on the number of employees and the number of queries you’re receiving. 

A list of popular employee help desk queries that AI can help in answering without needing any human interaction:

  • Questions About Organisation Ethics & Culture

There’s no denying that employee queries regarding organization culture & ethics will always turn out to be repetitive. That’s why it’s essential to have an AI that can help in performing repetitive tasks, which in turn will allow the support staff to work on other issues. 

Such a procedure will help in increasing productivity among not only your internal employees but also the support staff. 

  • Questions About Referrals & Recruitment

If your employees love working at your organization, then more often than not they would influence their peers to join your company, in case any vacancy happens in the future. Such referral or recruitment procedure questions can be ideally solved and handled by AI. 

The AI will help answer their relevant queries, which will assist them in obtaining a thorough understanding of such procedures before suggesting them to their peers.

  • Questions About Company Benefits

Since organization benefits vary from one company to another, it’s natural for employees, who have recently joined, will have queries about the same. Company benefit questions relating to allowances, memberships, health, and so on, can easily be dealt with by AI without any human intervention. 

As company benefits are absolute and rarely change, the queries will most involve repetitive requests. Such is the reason why it’s better to have an AI deal with the same than wasting a support staff to handle it.

  • Leave Inquiry

Almost similar to the previous point – every organization will have its own set of rules & regulations when it comes to employee holidays. Some companies may provide stipulated paid leaves to their employees, while others may not. 

So, for a fresher, it can be quite difficult to learn about holidays, leaves, and the like, which can be the reason why queries can pop-up on the employee help desk. As company holidays tend to be the same for most employees (except the higher management), having an AI to deal with such queries will save a lot of time & productivity. 

Common Myths To Avoid When Implementing An Efficient Employee Support Ticketing Software

Myth #1: Not Required For A Small IT Organisation


Even though a smaller organization might not have similar complexities as that of a larger company when handling employee queries, it’s still very vital to keep employee engagement on a high level. The point of an efficient remote employee support solution ( internal helpdesk software ) is to be highly productive and offer the best possible assistance to your employees. If you can keep your employees happy, then the organization itself will be benefited. 

However, if the employees become frustrated with a slower ticket resolution system, their overall morale and their willingness to work in that company will be affected. If you want to keep your employees happy and their morale high at all times, it’s extremely crucial to invest in or opt for a faster ticket resolution system for your internal employee help desk software. 

Myth #2: Technology Experts Are Required to Manage Internal Helpdesk Software


A help desk support staff will definitely need sufficient knowledge to operate the software. But, at the end of the heyday, the core task is to provide service to the employees. The support staff will only need to be effective at dealing with employee queries and everything will be good to go. 

Therefore, the help desk support staff should not only be comfortable operating the internal helpdesk software but also deal with employee issues at the same time. 

Myth #3: Employee Help Desk Will Eat Up Organisational Resources


While there are no direct benefits in establishing an efficient IT ticket support system, your organization will be able to enjoy indirect benefits. For instance, if you can efficiently deal with employee queries on a daily basis, then it will help you boost the productivity of your employees. As a result, you’ll see your company achieving success in the long term because the energy of the employee that would have been wasted in solving problems will now be redirected to something creative and unique. 

Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy the indirect benefits of investing in a faster support ticketing system, ultimately leading to greater employee retention and an overall better work environment. 


Using a good Internal Helpdesk Software for instant employee ticket resolution is the key to success. This is because, when companies tend to work hard to make the lives of their employees less cumbersome, then you can also expect employees to work harder in return for the organization. Thus, you can expect employee satisfaction within your organization to increase substantially. 

Finally, a positive work environment will be created within the company that will drive better employee loyalty, ultimately deriving more sales in the process. 

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