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How to Solve Workplace Challenges with Hybrid Facility Management App

Hybrid working has emerged as a mindset and organisations are intent on not only introducing this concept of working in their workplaces but instil its true spirit of flexibility in their work culture. While this work module seems tempting and a quick solution to all of employer-employee problems, implementing it in the right manner is no piece of cake.

While making the transition from conventional to a hybrid work model, organisations may encounter many challenges and issues that prevent them from getting the maximum benefit out of this modern work culture. 

In this article, we talk about some of the most common yet crucial workplace challenges that a hybrid company may face, along with simple and smart solutions that can easily be executed with the help of a hybrid facility management app.

Challenge 1 – Visitor Management

Any facility or premises has to deal with visitors quite frequently walking in and out of the company’s offices just like employees. The days are long gone when handling visitors or guests was the sole responsibility of the security personnel guarding the front gate and guiding them through the building. Now, the front receptionist manually writing their details is also considered obsolete. With a hybrid workforce, the management of visitors is a challenge because the workforce is flexible and may not always be available to entertain guests or clients. This calls for a systematic approach of managing visitors in order to sync their schedule with the staff.


visitor management solution, incorporated by a hybrid facility management app can do wonders for creating that connection and synchronisation between the employees and the visitors. Whether they are contractors or labourers, vendors, guests or potential clients, the staff can schedule their visit and inform the concerned staff about the details of arrival. This saves crucial time for both employees and guests and also ensures that the workplace is not overcrowded unnecessarily on certain days and always is safe. This is especially important in the case of large organisations where visitors turn up in huge numbers. 

Challenge 2 – Asset Management

With a hybrid workforce in action, distribution and maintenance of assets can be a tiresome task. Be it tangible or intangible assets, the usage, expiry and the management of the entire lifecycle is highly essential in order to get a substantial ROI and profit in the long run. With the staff and teams circulating in the working space and some choosing to work entirely out of the office zones, it can get difficult for the management team to stay on the same page, making asset tracking and monitoring a common challenge for work from home employees. 


Our workplace management suite comes with an asset management solution that helps companies keep track of all the assets that it possesses. Irrespective of their locations, companies can manage all their office assets through a central operating dashboard allowing even the remote teams to work efficiently and smoothly with all the asset details. In cases of asset failures like damage or problems in laptops or technical issues in operations, the employees can directly register their concerns with SeQure HelpDesk by scanning QR codes, raise tickets in no time and get technical assistance instantly.

Challenge 3 – Management of Employee Well-being

According to a report, 42% of workers currently in a hybrid work culture report that it leads to a better work-life balance. This means that switching to hybrid is itself a gentle reminder to the staff that the organisations really care for the employees and their wellness. However, going hybrid is not a clear cut method to achieving a happy workforce if the employees are not given the proper resources and digital allies (workplace management software and tools) to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance and a satisfactory work environment. Also, it is easier to check on the mental health of on-site employees because they can be monitored and evaluated over a course of time but when it comes to remote working staff, organisations give in to instincts and general conceptions and usually fail to provide the due resources. 


Internal Helpdesk offered within SeQure’s workplace management suite allows the employees to deal with workplace diversity challenges and raise concerns, be it technical or personal in no time. A powerful dashboard ensures that the remote staff has assistance from the delegated agents at any place, anytime. The ticketing workflow is smooth and systematic, diverting the tickets to the concerned authority by segregating the tickets on the basis of their nature, type, urgency and other crucial factors. With our Helpdesk solution, your employees always feel connected to the core of the organisation by getting solutions to their concerns through a systematic and prompt process, instilling a feeling of loyalty and belonging to the company.

Challenge 4 – Office Space Management

Surroundings are known to define a man and a person’s personality and aura can be predicted by the kind of environment he/she dwells in. This holds true as much for professional areas as for personal spaces. Creating the hybrid workspace doesn’t mean cutting back on furniture and balancing the amenities in the office because half of the employees have reverted to working from their homes. A hybrid office space needs to be optimised in such a way that the workforce is able to stay productive and has access to all the requirements without any hassle. 


Our office seat booking app works like a special addition to your existing workforce. With our robust app and gliding interface, the employees of all tiers can reserve their seats in advance and ensure that they get their preferred workstations without much effort. This app gives working members of the team real flexibility of choosing when and where they wish to work encompassing the real concept of hybrid working. In addition to this advantage, the employers can easily track headcount and regulate workplace capacity using this crucial app.

Challenge 5 – Preventive Maintenance

How many companies actually analyse their asset data and statistics deeply over the years and take notes before creating strategies for the next year? While it was impossible to carefully analyse vast amounts of data and take cues from inference in the last decade, the technology of the present era has made it a piece of cake to derive calculated insights from large chunks of data. Even after all of these tools are available, companies still find it hard to work with a preventive maintenance approach and end up investing in ideas that are aimed towards reactive maintenance.


Offering you the right to-do audit list for maintaining a longer lifetime of all your office distributed assets and helping you in tackling workplace challenges, our Checklist feature does not disappoint. With this carefully crafted tool, the assets can be regulated with simplified checklists and reminders can be set for all the scheduled maintenance and repair works, all through the comforts of your mobile phones. A single dashboard that tracks machine performances and operation efficiency like a Hawk’s eye serves as a powerful aid for preventive maintenance strategy. With standardised checklists, the companies can bid goodbye to mishaps or untimely breakdowns that may rupture the functioning of daily processes of companies. 

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