How to Resolve remote Employee Support Tickets Instantly
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How to Resolve Remote Employee Support Tickets Instantly

Workplaces are changing, we are heading toward smart workplaces designed to deliver unique experiences. The possibility of having a flexible workplace was never considered possible before the COVID-19 crisis, yet here we are. Organisations worldwide are synergising strategies around hybrid workplace culture, making sure the hybrid workforces remain motivated, creating a contactless workplace, and so on. How to resolve remote employee support tickets is an often shout out query. Let’s delve in! 

Hybrid work is here to stay! In the 10th Annual Survey, 70% of respondents said a permanent remote job would have a positive impact on their mental health. A major step towards achieving that goal is ensuring that the remote working team is able to raise their concerns and is heard by the organisation. Working towards a highly integrated workplace where the employee queries are prioritised and resolved at the earliest.

Many organisations and companies have invested in remote employee support systems to resolve employee support tickets at the earliest. smart workplaces started using IT Helpdesk like SeQure to ensure inclusivity and genuine care of their employees. With that done, here are some ways in which the employee ticket can be resolved in no time.

Ensure a System is Set in Place

How to Resolve Remote Employee Support Tickets InstantlyWhen companies are providing their employees with the necessary systems to get their support queries resolved, they empower their employees and also help gain their trust. Any employee that can quickly and efficiently have their issues raised, and addressed on time, will feel supported by the organisation. Usually, companies keep their customer-related ticket systems open for the whole day and entirely shift their focus on resolving such tickets in the least time possible but when the tickets or queries are employee-centric, companies lack this kind of enthusiasm.

The foremost way to really get to the edge of this process is by allowing the employees to contact the support staff at any point of the day. Be it through group chats or emails or support numbers, or an interactive internal helpdesk, the remote employees should be able to connect to the support team whenever they wish to talk or address their concerns. In order to achieve this, a robust system needs to be integrated connecting employees with the support team at all times as this will increase the employee’s trust and instil a sense of comfort with the company.

Have a System that Categorizes Queries

The remote employees are already working away from the organisation and it is quite difficult for the company to understand them personally. The companies may be setting up meetings or events or lunches to understand their employee behaviour frequently but it is not the same as having the staff every single day. Owing to this situation, remote employees may face different kinds of issues and may have to deal with a varied set of problems.

Since the issues raised by the employees are going to vary vastly and may not be the same very often, the support system needs to be powered by an AI that understands the problem or query and put them in separate compartments. This categorization or segregation can allow the authorities to prioritize tickets based on nature and act faster and understand the concerns quickly for making better decisions. Once the tickets are put into different sections, the relevant management can look up the problems and pick out the ones that are related easily from the vast sea of tickets.

Another benefit of sorting is that it helps the authorities to put tickets into high-priority or low-priority categories depending on their seriousness or complexity level.

Ensure Automation for Quick Ticket Resolution

If companies are looking for ways that can quickly help them resolve employee support tickets, then automation is the answer. Many times, companies face the situation of being loaded with tickets and as important the tickets or concerns are, some may not require as much delegation or discussion as others. For the queries that can be resolved with quick responses, an employee support ticket management system is ideal when it actually ensures that no time is being wasted on the resolvable issues and gets the work done in no time. 

This can only be done when the concerns are categorised properly and the response is automated using AI technologies that enable the machines to auto-answer the questions asked by the employees. Auto-responses will help solve the issues in no time saving the time of employees as well as the management authorities who can focus their energy and effort on the more important issues which need more attention. 

Have a Limited Timeframe for Query Resolution 

The importance of time is not something that requires proof or examples. If time was not a factor, then the manual processes would still be up and running in today’s businesses. Every process management or workplace management system has in common is that when it comes to its benefits or advantages is that, it saves time. The remote employee support system, too, should be designed in such a way that it helps the admin team to provide support to their employees. 

For achieving this advantage, the support system needs to be as quick as possible. Management can achieve this by assigning a specific time frame for ticket resolution. High priority queries should be processed and notifications sent to department heads in such a way that the decisions can be made quickly. Employees can really end up feeling dejected or ignored if their grievances are not heard in time and more so when the decisions are not taken in the proper timeframe. With that being said, the companies should also ensure that the support team and decision-making team is not rushing with conclusions in order to meet the set frame because that would be unfair and beat the whole concept of a support system. 

Make the Support System Simple and Accessible

Any system that is provided for customer or employee support needs to be brimming with features but at the same time, it should also be easy to operate and access. Speaking of the design part, the simpler the interface, the better. Sometimes, when the process/ system gets too complex to operate or access, the users may feel frustrated right from the start and may even feel better off without it. Companies should avoid investing in such software or programs because if the employees are finding the support system inaccessible or hard to use then they will end up not using it. This will eliminate the whole purpose of addressing employee queries, and delivering instant employee experience.

The dashboard of an internal ticket management system needs to be quick and user-friendly so the employees can quickly fill in the forms and submit them easily. The forms need to be short and composed of questions that are able to help the employees raise their issues and allow the management to pick the concern quickly by just reading the forms. The employees should be prompted of the current proceedings and status through their preferred mode via emails or phone calls or SMS notification. Such tiny details can not only fasten the decision-making process but also assure the employees of the company’s commitment to delivering first-class support.

Analysis of Tickets for the Greater Good

When we talk about remote employees, they can have different concerns and issues with their organisations. The remote employee support system can be really fast if the organisations not only solve the employee’s problems but also keep track of the general issues and grievance tickets created by the employees. This means that the software should be able to provide insights and categorise the concerns in such a way that the organisation benefits from this data. 

The valuable insight obtained by analysing the common issues can help companies in formulating steps that can lead to the creation of better work culture and limit a few of the common challenges faced by remote employees. 

For instance, if two or three remote employees are simultaneously raising concerns of feeling dejected by the team or are feeling excluded from the organisation then the company can take steps to remove the communication gap and build a better relationship within their team and with multiple departments. This reduces communication gaps and helps improve coordination, communication and collaboration within the organization. 

Exploring data and identifying patterns help understand how happy the employees are with the support tick management solution and take steps toward their well-being. This, in turn, leads to faster decision making by the support executives and HR team when similar queries/ concerns are raised by other employees.

End Note

Handling the support queries of remote employees in a diligent and organised manner can make a huge difference within an organisation. When employees are supported, they outperform themselves and can prove to be a valuable asset to any company. This kind of system tells the employees that the company truly cares and is ready to address their concerns, increasing the rate of employee satisfaction and leading to a higher employee retention rate in the long run.

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