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Facility Management Challenges Enterprises Face in 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our priorities, the way we work, and has sped up digital transformation in many organizations. The pressure of managing a facility during the pandemic has resulted in industries innovating ways to deal with facility management. Across industries, businesses that depend on facilities have found new ways to rethink traditional models of working. However, there continue to be some challenges that need to be regularly overcome to facilitate a smooth transition. 

Facility management challenges that enterprises face are:

Safe and Secure Visitor Experience: The pandemic has made it critical for every business to restrict unnecessary person-to-person contact. In that context, the spread has, reasonably, intensified concerns regarding how businesses manage visitors. Additionally, with the Visitor management software allows facility management to track and manage visitors who enter their premises, ensuring safety and security for employees & visitors.It typically includes features such as visitor registration, identity verification, photo capture, badge printing, check-in and check-out tracking, and real-time reporting. The visitor check-in software can help facility management ensure that only authorised visitors are allowed entry, reduce wait times, comply with regulations, and analyse visitor traffic and behaviour to optimise performance. Impress your visitors with a seamless and professional experience using our Visitor Management Software!

Enjoy a better work-life balance : Businesses across the world have begun implementing the hybrid model. The challenge is allocating space for employees after a remote work culture, with additional hires and increased human resource. This will necessitate businesses using hot desking or methods where employees reserve their desks. Office seat booking software allows you to customize your hotdesking space, set availability, and manage bookings in real-time. Try our Office Seat Booking Software and enjoy a stress-free and productive work environment.

Streamline your employee support system: Providing your employees with all the required measures, facilitating a smooth workday is imperative. This implies that all issues pertaining to their tasks require the appropriate infrastructure and support. Organizations across the world can benefit with an internal employee ticketing system that is made available to all their employees. The staff can raise tickets for any support be IT, HR, finance, procurement, facility management or more. Stay on top of your employee support with real-time updates, communication tools, and detailed analytics. Invest in your employee satisfaction and productivity today with our Internal Employee Ticketing Software!

Effortlessly maintain your facilities: A concern that has been applicable before and after the pandemic is the regular upkeep of the facility, and the equipment within it. The Facility Maintenance Checklist app makes it easy for you to manage and track maintenance tasks, schedule routine inspections, and assign work orders to your team. With real-time updates and alerts, you can stay on top of your maintenance needs and prevent costly downtime. Keep your facilities running smoothly and efficiently with our Facility Maintenance Checklist App!”

Allocation of meeting rooms: While a majority of the world continues to function with a remote or hybrid work culture. There are many enterprises that have chosen the ‘back to office’ format. While this helps with smooth communication given the option of a face-to-face interaction, it does create a shortage of spaces to conduct meetings with teams or clients professionally. Often meeting rooms are overbooked, or there might be a lack of clarity of which rooms are available. A comprehensive system to book a meeting within a few clicks ought to be the solution. Fortunately, this is a possibility with meeting room management software that allows the user to pick a time slot, a conference room, and the team members easily. Optimize your meeting room usage with our Meeting Room Management Software!

While enterprises across the world adapt to facility management challenges one solution at a time, SeQure offers a suite of solutions within one application. Mitigating challenges with detailed solutions such as a visitor management system, office seat/hotdesk booking application, facility maintenance checklist application and a meeting room application, SeQure ensures smooth functioning in modern facilities in 2023. Try it out today!

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