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Employee Seat Booking Software | Reserve Your Workstation

Introduction to Employee Seat Booking Software

Managing the business workplace is one of the most important tasks faced by the facility managers and the staff. Especially, with the businesses resetting their workspace and getting employees back on the premises, the dire need to ensure the safety and health of the organisation’s employees is magnified. The workplace is ever-changing and is more dynamic thanks to the flexible culture preferred by the current generation. Here is when digital technologies such as the employee seat booking software knock at the door to handle things with ease.

An employee seat booking software or ESBS is a digital space where the employees can easily reserve their desired seats or desks prior to entering the offices. This technology allows the employees and visitors to book seats that match their needs and comfort level. This helps the staff to find their preferred desks beforehand, bringing the companies closer to the dream of having an agile workforce.

The software comes loaded with tools that make it easier for the employees to find a space and book it whilst on their way or from the comforts of their abode through a hassle-free process. Need to know if your co-worker is seated near you? The advanced versions of the software even help employees find their colleagues and be seated next to them, helping them gain all the more out of this system.

When offices are equipped with the latest innovations like the Employee Seat Booking Software, managing the workplace becomes as easy as pie. Employees no more have to walk into the premises only to find the floor full or the preferred workstation already taken. The office seat reservation system effortlessly creates a flexible environment within the organisation for the staff and leads to employee-friendly work culture.

Crucial Features of Employee Seat Booking Software 

Since its advent, the employee seat booking software has evolved drastically and offers 360-degree coverage for workspace needs. The system has gone way beyond just finding and booking a work station and comes with more features and tools for efficient facility management.

  • Cloud-Based

Cloud-enabled models of technology are the best in terms of greater attributes and enhanced accessibility. Cloud is synonymous with any time and any place. The employees and the concerned faculty can access and use this software from any part of the planet if the employee seat booking software works on a cloud-based model. Be it their bedroom or the parking lot, employees can book their seats in a go. The managers, too, can keep track of booking and reservations while they are driving for flawless coordination and space management.

  • Dynamic Seating Plans

The screen or the app of the employee seat booking systems can quickly provide the seating plans and the employees already occupying the seats. This is sort of a bird’s eye view of the seating arrangements related to every floor. How many desks are vacant on a particular floor? Which desks can be used for large meetings? It is not possible to answer these questions without physically going to the locations, however, the ESBS jots down the real-time status of everything in one simplified app.

  • Digital Booking

We have all seen the days when the employees had to go hunting for available seats and roam the floors wanting to grab a conference room. The employee seat booking system has made it all digital. The staff or the employees are provided with the facility of reserving their seats digitally by a single press of a button over their screens. It can be accomplished either on the web or on their phones using the app or through digital kiosks. The software holds all the information regarding a certain workstation and enumerates its features, how often it is used and whether it is available. The employees can quickly sift through the whole office and find a suitable desk without physically being on-site.

  • Data-Driven Analytics

The major feature that holds real value to both the employees as well as the facility manager is the software’s ability to generate data-driven insights. Most of the programs have a user-friendly dashboard that carefully calculates data over time and displays the analytics to the teams. This allows companies to have better control over their space and also pinpoint the exact space used by the employees. Details reports show which areas are not used and require improvement and the ones being preferred by the employees, providing insights into the employee behaviour and needs.

9 Benefits of Reserving your Workstation

Prior Book your Desired Workstation

It is seen that the working space greatly affects the productivity of the employees and to create an efficient workplace, the employees should be offered their desired desks. The foremost benefit of using the employee seat booking software is the facility to pre-book or pre-reserve seats according to one’s preferences and needs. Using desktop or mobile, the staff can view the available arrangements on every floor with a detailed plan and just with a single click, can schedule their desk bookings according to their whims and likes.

Opens Choices for Employees

The usual workplace has often witnessed scenarios where the employees are stuck to one desk and can hardly ever move from their workstation. With proper employee seat booking software, your employees are offered a world of choices to select from. It is also easier to switch between places as and when they like without having to worry about someone else occupying their space. This collectively promotes a satisfied and happy employee culture within the organisation.

Cuts Down Management Expenses

Organisations always have a faculty committed to performing tasks such as preparing the seating plan for every floor, assigning seats to the employees and juggling between intervals for easy space management. The need for such staff is eliminated when companies introduce software such as ESBS to their employees. This not only makes workspace management super easy but also cuts down the expenses associated with hiring folks for doing the same job. The work gets done and the administration cost is reduced, a win-win situation for all.

Get Relevant Data

The management can easily trace the working space for all the floors by using this technology. The data is recorded and send to the concerned department for analysing and further optimising the space utilization. It is practically impossible to keep track of every single desk usage and the costs associated with seating of all employees if you are relying on pen and paper. But with the proper ESBS at your service, the companies can easily track the tiniest details and can make apt decisions every single time based on real-time data.

Makes your Workspace Smarter

With remote working dawning upon as a regular work practice among the major organisations, digital solutions are the only way to keep things up and running. Companies are now dealing with a large number of employees and not everyone prefers to be seated in the office desks full-time. Most of the staff is now either working remotely or switching quite frequently leading to the absence of clear records most of the time. However, the workplace gets smarter with ESBS which lays out occupancy rate in front of the employees and the management helping them both manage space better than ever before.

Helps you Follow Safety Protocol

In the current times when the world is shaking up with the spread of the coronavirus, there is no better prevention than having a safe distance from everyone around us. The businesses are reopening yet they require to follow certain safety protocols and guidelines mandatorily issued by the government. This calls for safety first, in every single task that your campus witnesses. For the businesses using employee seat booking software, the managers as well as the employees get a clear view of the seating plans and can easily see which places are already occupied or booked. This way, the guests or staff or visitors can be directed to and seated at safe distances and the health protocols can be followed without putting in much effort.

Helps Culminate Pleasant Experiences Between Employees

How unpleasant it is for your faculty to solve issues between staff wanting to book a certain seat. There are much greater problems in organisations than the staff having conflicts over their workspace. An office seat reservation software ensures that your employees have a pleasant experience working within the organisation and work in their loved workstations without any conflicts. It allows people to have a more flexible space for working because it eliminates fixed workstations, giving employees the freedom to move as and when they wish. Such factors lead to a blooming culture and enhanced productivity among the working members.

Gives Co-ordination a New Definition

Co-ordinated seat management is every office’s dream which is pretty hard to achieve if you are dealing with a large workplace and hundreds of employees. Now and then, the team has to intervene and make adjustments to the schedule manually if the seats are vacant or are being over-occupied. Such problems find easy solutions while using ESBS, ensuring that the seat reservation is always coordinated and highly productive at all times of the day. With ample features visible on the screens, it is easy to edit and create bookings for larger meetings or conferences and effectively manage hundreds of desks all at once with the touch of a finger.

Renders Greater Control Over Shifts

When the offices hold hundreds of employees working between shifts, the allotment of seats can seem like a herculean task. Moreover, it gets practically impossible to control every single workstation on a day-to-day basis which ultimately causes employees to have either fixed spaces during shifts or running to the faculty now and then for reserving their seats. With office desk-booking solutions, the check-in option used by employees can quickly summarise the position of vacant seats and the available ones in moments, available for booking by other employees instantly.

How the Software is Helping in the Pandemic

Taking Cleanliness Measures

The pandemic took a toll on all businesses, large and small. However, as businesses reopen and trying to steady their foot in the market, the risks associated with the virus still lingering on. Desk solutions such as the employee seat booking program come out to be a really useful asset in these testing times. The reason is the concise and apt seating data shown by the ESBS, which can be used to take better safety measures within the office buildings. This way the offices can focus on the areas and workstations being used very frequently by the employees and ensure that proper safety and cleanliness measures are implemented in such zones.

Which floor is being vacant or used?

Which seats are left unused?

Which spaces hold larger groups of employees and require thorough sanitization?

When there are data-backed answers to such queries, companies can seamlessly create a safer work environment for the staff as well as the visitors.

Managing Social Distancing

Companies can ensure the social distancing norms by making seats available at a distance for the employees to be seated far apart. The software holds an option for the managers to release seats or make them unavailable for bookings so the employees’ safety is never compromised. This feature can be used to follow guidelines at all times without having to keep a faculty over-looking the seating allocation.

Saving Costs Big Time

Apart from saving the administration cost and being environment-friendly by ditching the pen and paper usage, employee seat booking software can help organisations make better decisions which save a lot of undefined and unnecessary costs associated with space management and cleanliness. The frequency of employees booking a certain space or a certain floor being used more frequently than others can make it easy for the management to figure the employee’s preferences and can make improvements and amendments in the right direction.

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