Security through Compliance Management with a Visitor Management Software.
Visitor Management

Security through Compliance Management with a Visitor Management Software

In today’s fast-paced world, securing your premises has become more important than ever before. With the rise in security threats, businesses, organizations, and other institutions need to implement robust visitor management systems to ensure the safety of their premises and the people within. One essential component of a modern visitor management system is compliance management, […]

Visitor Management

Why Does the Manufacturing Industry Need a Visitor Management System?

The global supply chain is heavily dependent on the manufacturing industry. The smooth functioning of manufacturing operations is pivotal to the growth of other allied businesses and services. A sector that witnesses constant human interaction and intervention at multiple stages demands a visitor management system to ensure safety, security, and compliance.  Why does your company […]

Contactless Visitor Management System for Schools
Facility Management

Visitor Management System for Schools | Enhance Safety and Security

The need to create a safe and secured school premise calls for an integrated security system that monitors every activity happening, even at the busiest hours. A visitor management system for schools can therefore ensure a risk-free zone at all times, without putting in much effort.  Have you deployed a proper system for identifying visitors […]

Hybrid Workplace Management
Asset Management

The Hybrid Workplace – A Facility Manager’s View

The COVID-19 effect caused organizations to mobilize remote working faster than someone could say ‘Jack Robinson’. This shift has now propelled the rise of the hybrid workspace – a workspace where remote work and the physical office operates in harmony as organizations welcome back the workforce. As the pandemic wanes, research shows, that most organizations […]

Workplace Digital Transformation Strategy
Visitor Management

Why Your Workplace Digital Transformation Strategy Must Not Ignore Your Visitors

85% of employees say health and safety in a workplace is a more significant consideration now than before the pandemic The pandemic has made it critical for every business to restrict unnecessary person-to-person contact. In that context, the spread has, reasonably, intensified concerns regarding how businesses manage visitors. As it happens, there are several businesses […]