Best ways to prepare a hybrid workplace

7 Ways to Prepare a Hybrid Workplace

The effects of pandemic on organisations are far too many to enlist but one positive change that everybody witnessed is – the outburst and acceptance of the hybrid workplace model. Yes, ask your employees and they would prefer flexible workplace management 83% of the time. Shocking, how a pandemic- survival model turned into a full-fledged […]

Internal Employee Helpdesk

Internal Helpdesk Software – Must Have Components for Faster Ticket Resolution

In the current day & age, just like customers, employees also tend to expect a lot from the companies they’re working for. There’s no denying that a respectable company employee will always rate ‘quick problem resolution’ as one of the significant factors in separating a good employee experience from a bad one. Therefore, your company […]


Employee Helpdesk Software – Enabling a New Synergy Between Facility Management and The IT Help Desk

Facility Management has traditionally been a reactive process; Facility Managers often spring into action only when an issue is reported. But in today’s era, where user experience takes precedence over everything, taking a reactive approach like this can negatively impact employee morale and performance. Not only do today’s users expect their tools, infrastructure, and equipment […]