Preventive Maintenance Checklist Software

Must Have Features of Preventive Maintenance Checklist

For organisations having multiple assets, the task of upkeep and maintaining assets for life-cycle optimization needs constant attention. However, gone are the days when companies dragged equipment and machinery repairs until the day they collapsed. According to a report, preventive maintenance is preferred by over 80% of trained professionals dealing with multi-faceted maintenance. With an […]

Best Office Seat Booking Software
Facility Management

Office Seat Management Software | Ultimate Seat Plan Guide

With offices adopting new tools and platforms to give an unparalleled experience to the workforce, Office seat management software has its fair share of influence on supporting the idea. Get your employees the benefit of working in an environment where their choices matter with a proper office desk booking solution onboard. Office spaces are evolving […]

Emerging trends in facility management
Facility Management

Emerging Trends in Facility Management | Future Ready FM Solutions

The pandemic has already introduced a lot of changes to how organizations operate, organizations are in a hunt to explore innovative opportunities in creating a productive and experience rich hybrid workplace environment. In this article we will take a swift approach in analysing the emerging trends in facility management across functionalities. This pandemic era emerged […]