Up-and-Coming Digital Workplace Software

11 Up-and-Coming Digital Workplace Software

Creating a digital workplace for a hybrid workforce is amongst the top priorities and concerns circling organisations worldwide. As tempting as this concept may seem, it is a limitless model of working that requires constant brushing of technological knowledge and staying updated with the latest tools, platforms and software budding in the market.

Whether you are looking to update your current software list or looking for functional-specific facility management software, here is a list of 11 classic and impactful digital workplace software to get you on the right path and genuinely enable the managers as well as the employees to make the most of the available technology.

1. File Sharing and Storage Platform

For enterprises dealing with multiple files on a daily basis, an ideal file sharing and storage platform is an absolute necessity. A popular name falling under this category is Dropbox that makes sharing, storing and managing files a piece of cake. Working through cloud-storing solutions, Dropbox has a boastful interface that is highly easy to use and immensely reliable.

It allows the employees and multiple teams to share and store content with large sizes in a protected space. With a new feature of introducing collaborative spaces for allowing remote working smooth, Dropbox is going stronger day by day with millions of loyal users.

2. Video Conferencing

Since the emergence of remote employees posts the pandemic year, virtual meetings and video conferencing have emerged as the go-to options for all organisations in one way or the other. With an easy layout and multiple features supplementing video calls, webinars and online discussions, Webex by Cisco is one platform that cannot be missed by enterprises who wish to stay in line with the market trends.

Just like its counterparts, it allows HD virtual meetings, a highly secured environment and uninterrupted communication. Employees can even share multiple files and documents and leverage the shared screens feature along with virtual whiteboards easily from any place, at any time.

3. Team Work Facilitation App

Enterprises are a group of small teams who have the onus of carrying out daily tasks and activities driven towards a bigger goal. How about having a guide that instils the feeling of teamwork in employees and makes their work super-easy? Slack is here to make that dream team a reality.

It redefines collaboration and communication for teams to stay organized and function smoothly without any fuss. It simplifies processes with basic drag and drop functions like sending files and folders to fellow team members. Integration across all major devices and popular tools, Slack remains to be the most popular internal communication tool in enterprises.

4. Client Management Software

Another software to add to your kitty is proper client management software that helps you manage the clients in a centralised dashboard. Preparing monthly status reports for clients can be a tedious job and honestly, no employee does it with interest. Bid goodbye to monthly status on projects, constant updates and weekly stats with Monday.com.

Hosting multiple customisations makes it easy for employees and clients to connect and engage. the clients can view the real-time project status and workflow of their projects using this. Quick features like adding notes, generating actions through them and an easy interface makes Monday.com one of the best CRM software. What more? It is a code-free zone and has a built-in brain for easy automation of manual processes.

5. Visitor Management Software

Thinking of transforming your space and making an impact on the first go? Visitor management software truly brings in the idea of digitalisation in the way offices and enterprises deal with the guests, prospects, clients, contractors or any visitor entering the premise.

With a full-fledged system marking visitors right from the start, VMS stores and keeps track of all the details of the visitor, going as far as keeping a photo ID badge for future references. It allows real-time movement update with the host receiving instant notification on arrival of guests. Strictly limit the people strolling your premise, especially the unauthorised or secured zones with this intense yet impressionable system taking care of the end to end visitor management.

6. Task Management Software

The list of must-haves digital workplace software is incomplete without an IT Helpdesk. With an internal employee helpdesk, businesses will be able to address employee concerns at the earliest. Track, manage and resolve employee issues at the earliest based on assigned priority. The most striking feature of SeQure IT Helpdesk is Kanban-style UI which makes managing support tickets convenient and fun for employees.

7. Employee Management Software

Organisations see a number of employees working on different projects and tasks and it gets extremely difficult to delegate work and operations when we are talking about hundreds and thousands of employees. Employee management is not an easy affair for managers but with apps like Trello, offices can manage their work without much hassle.

Right from setting meeting proposals, planning overviews and distributing tasks and projects to multiple workers, Trello does it all in style. Not too complex to operate, it serves as a pipeline connecting employees directly to the managers. It displays the progress on projects, the due dates of task completion and allows constant communication between the teams for greater productivity.

8. Smart Checklist

All companies, however big or small, need one software that takes care of the standard operating procedures seamlessly. A quick fix would be a smart checklist to make sure standard operating procedures are followed across business verticals. Build a template of your process, create custom workflows and a catalogue of tasks that needs to be managed systematically. With a structured checklist, employees don’t need to rely on guesswork, making sure no crucial steps are skipped.

SeQure Checklist takes this burden off the shoulders of the company’s valuable talent and ensures that such day-to-day activities are carried out in an organised structure, every single day.

Organisations can create checklists, various forms and processes using a very concise and swift interface. Schedule important tasks easily and automate all the repetitive tasks with SeQure checklist.

9. Email Management Platform

Not that we need a figure, employees spend 3 hours a day checking their emails. That is similar to losing 3 hours of productivity while working. How about having a universal inbox for the employees that is free from interrupting messages? Drag is a super productive platform that ensures that employees stay productive throughout their day and can view the important messages in a single place.

Syncing with Gmail, Drag allows users to turn emails into actionable tasks and even close deals all while remaining inside the inbox. Switching on and off like a switch, this email management platform enables the teams to keep track of their workflows, track emails and collaborate like never before through this easy-to-use board.

10. Database Management Software

Most of the employees tend to keep away from using databases, let alone create one. No need to go for the SQL sequencing programs when database management software like Airtable has your back. This allows the databases to be linked and create rational databases from scratch using simple blocks like bases, grids and tables, even for the ones having zero understanding of SQL.

Topped with an awesome interface and immense customisations, Airtable allows employees to import data from various apps like Trello and calendar applications, take notes and collaborate with team members closely.

11. Desk Booking Software

When the employees have so much control over their tasks and processes, why not give them the same digitalisation and freedom in selecting their work environment? A great way to give this flexibility to the remote, as well as on-site employees, is by deploying a desk booking software. This enables the staff to pre-book their seats before they even arrive at the office premises. With a clear floor plan and visual board displaying all the available seats and spaces, this system makes reservations super easy for everyone working at the office.

It even makes choosing meetings rooms and conference rooms at the allotted time, promoting high productivity among the workers and reducing wastage of space within the office premises.

As far as digital workplaces are concerned, the right platform or software is not what is the most popular. The right factor that should drive the purchase of any software is the kind of tasks and processes that the organisation deals with. The goals and problem areas of any enterprise define the right set of software that would elevate the team’s efficiency and productivity.

With the onset of hybrid workspaces getting together remote workers and the on-site staff, the ability to digitally transform spaces is going to serve as a measure of the real value of the organisations. The businesses who invest in this useful software are solidifying their hold in the future market and have, undoubtedly, gained a competitive edge over others.

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